We build an electric jetboard

We are creating our board based on experience with different water sports, taking into account market requirements. The fridee board is designed for everyone, so it is important that it is comfortable, as well as easy and intuitive to use. Energy fully used means better performance. Wide research enables us to create a propulsion system with maximum efficiency, maintaining a minimum weight. Designing a right hull shape minimizes friction, while choosing the optimal speed ensures long travel time on a single charge. A battery-powered device designed for contact with water presents a safety challenge. Ensuring safety requirements is our top priority.

Our Mission

fridee was created in response to a question “what do you want to do in life?”, but to build an electric surfboard is not enough. We are constantly trying to take care of the environment we live in. We know that we are responsible for it. For this reason, we use eco-friendly technologies. The idea of using clean energy is an important factor in our project. The world developing in harmony with nature is the direction we are heading.

be free

Surfing has long been an inspiration for water sports enthusiasts. Diverse scenarios in the use of boards on water have led to the creation of many varieties of surfing. All of them have the same goal – to raise the level of adrenaline and let you taste the freedom. Thrill-seeking and constantly exceeding the limits, riders are continuously looking for new challenges. They ride boards to which the latest technologies are adopted. Modern trends are heading towards self-propelled boards. They allow you to free yourself from all restrictions and enjoy the pure pleasure of Modern Surfing.